Xavier Garcia glasses

Prisme Optical Group is the proud distributor of Xavier Garcia in Canada and in the United States. From their headquarters, they design produce and offer their collection to all opticians and eyewear users who are looking for original frame designs. They are technically well crafted, and made with high quality materials and finishing. They identify themselves as members of the « slow design » movement because they believe in change, authenticity, economic sustainability, in real value of the products and in the added value that design provides. “I design, produce and sell my own frames with no limits other than the search for my way, tryning to be as genuine as possible” – Xavier Garcia

The most popular models

Here are the models which distance themselves besides from the collection.

ABRIL Xavier Garcia ADA Xavier Garcia BEGO Xavier Garcia BERTA Xavier Garcia BIANCA Xavier Garcia BIBI Xavier Garcia BRAVAS Xavier Garcia CARINA Xavier Garcia CROQUETA Xavier Garcia GRETA Xavier Garcia NEBOT Xavier Garcia OLIVAS Xavier Garcia PULPO Xavier Garcia SIFON Xavier Garcia TAPAS Xavier Garcia
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