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Prisme Optical Group is the proud distributor of Chick in Canada and in the United States. In 2007, Chick was born from the ideas of Antonio Ferretto and Alessia Pavanello, both working before as designers for more than 10 years for an important European high end brand of eyewear. Located near Venice in Italy, the company is today one of the major actors in the kids eyewear market. Especially with their patented technology: 180 degrees flexible temple for robustness and rubberized finishing for comfort and soft fitting. Chick brings an innovative solution for high levelquality and performance.

The most popular models

Here are the models which distance themselves besides from the collection.

K517_C25 Chick K503_C17 Chick K516_C27 Chick K513_C24 Chick K510_C21 Chick K504_C18 Chick
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