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Prisme Optical Group is the proud distributor of Beausoleil in Canada and in the United States. Beausoleil frames are crafted with the highest regard for traditional eyewear craftsmanships while incorporating the latest techniques. Frederic Beausoleil is distinguished by the strength and singularity of his ideas. Here, delicate and visionary mind are combining tradition and the inspiration of the day. Increasingly colorful, this collection is influenced by attractive inspiration. A vintage style with an unusual design, that is the daring challenge of Frederic Beausoleil.

The most popular models

Here are the models which distance themselves besides from the collection.

S298 Beausoleil S7508 Beausoleil S295 Beausoleil S753 Beausoleil CS31 Beausoleil CS52 Beausoleil O295 Beausoleil O534 Beausoleil O390 Beausoleil O535 Beausoleil STR07 Beausoleil O532 Beausoleil O533 Beausoleil O391 Beausoleil O392 Beausoleil
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